Wood Fencing

There are so many types of wood, and a terrific assortment of designs. Please contact us to learn more about your options today. Click to view larger image.

There is no disputing the organic beauty of wood fencing, especially when it’s designed with your landscape’s contours and features in mind. Texas Rock & Fence, a division of FencePro, has a number of fence materials available for your project.

Budget or economy privacy fencing is often made of white woods such as pine, spruce, or fir. Premium privacy fencing is made with rot-resistant wood, usually cedar. Virtually all types of fencing benefit from the protective properties of an oil-based or eco-friendly stain, and many fence materials are available “pre-dipped” to deliver a more-consistent surface color and speed project completion. Wood fences are generally limited to six or eight feet in height.

A well built, attractive privacy fence commonly adds value to a home and property. As most home buyers have either pets and/or children and need privacy fencing to secure pets and allow children to play safely.

We have designed and built so many types of wood fencing, no design is too difficult for our seasoned installer teams. And, because we can source materials from multiple suppliers, you’ll get a very competitive bid each and every time. Here are a few types of fences we offer, along with common materials:

  • Shadow Box Fencing
    Provides a decorative alternative to a standard stockade fence, with a semi-private facade. Others walking or driving by can see partially through your shadowbox fence to the backyard.
  • Solid Board Wooden Fencing
    Cost effective and provides significant privacy. Pickets are nailed to the back rails with galvanized nails.
  • 2-sided Solid Board Privacy Fencing
    Solid board design privacy fence with pickets installed on both side for aesthetic purposes.
  • Board on Board Decorative Privacy Fencing
    This type of fencing features two-levels of pickets overlapping for a very nice aesthetic.
  • Board on Board Decorative Privacy Fencing With Trim Cap
    Here, the board-on-board design receives a decorative cap, creating a high-end look for your fence with cedar trim boards at the top.
  • Picket Fencing
    Primarily a lower-height decorative fence, picket fences are available in pre-primed wood finishes and natural wood materials. See our Landscape Elements section for more on vinyl prefabricated picket fencing.
  • Reclaimed Wood and Eco-Friendly Wood-Appearance Fencing
    We partner with a select group of suppliers to produce fence designs made from eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood materials, recycled plastic grocery bags, wood fibers from used pallets and sawdust, and renewable wheat straw. 


Here’s a quick review from Jim Smith on how to build a high-quality wood fence:

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