Rock & Stone

Not only is rock and stone an eco-friendly choice, its handsome appeal will last for the life of your home. Click for larger image.

Rock & stone walls, create a sophisticated blend of privacy and status for your property. We admit, utilizing rock and stone elements in a fence or wall installation is one of our favorite enhancements to a property. The rich colors and textures create a pleasing facade, and add value to any home or business.

Materials vary significantly in size, weight, color and shape, so it’s important to let the design experts at TR&F, a division of FencePro, assist you in designing and constructing the ideal wall, gate or perimeter treatment to compliment your home or business’ architecture and surroundings.

Our experts also survey the site to make certain the proper footing, vertical angle (called batting) and support materials are incorporated into the final construction.

Expense can also be an issue, as we work with trained masons and landscape prep experts to make sure your project is not only aesthetically astounding, but structurally sound for years of enjoyment. We will always prepare a competitive estimate for you, keeping in mind the necessary steps for an enduring final product.

While we can source all manner of rock and stone materials, we have several standards in Builder, Chopped, Slab and Cobble Stones and that are proven winners in this type of application. The same goes for wall construction types. We know what works but can always customize the project to your needs. Typical construction and materials types include:

  • Dry Stone Walls
    Also known as Rock Fences, these walls are constructed from stones without any mortar to bind them together. As with other dry stone structures, the wall is held up by the interlocking of the stones. 
  • Stacked Stone Walls
    Stacked Stone Walls typically feature a flatter rectangular shape cut by a quarry for more uniform shape. These walls can be mortared or dry-stone constructed, and may include construction of a concrete or gravel footing for stability.
  • Stone Veneer Panels
    By marrying sturdy support structures with pre-fabricated stone veneer panels, we can provide a more lightweight and economical stone design for your home or business property. Considerable advances have been made in the materials and manufacture of these panels, so much so that they can be virtually indistinguishable from stacked wall structures.Typical Materials We Utilize: 
  • Fieldstone
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Conglomerate Rock
  • Cobble Stone

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