Options & Maintenance

Staining, Keypads and openers are but a few of the options you have with TR&F. Click to enlarge image.

From staining to specialized toppers and finials to solar gate openers, at TR&F we make your fence an enduring source of delight. There are plenty of options available for your fence design, and we’re well-versed in helping you sort through the choices to make your fence a great addition to your property.

And, as we discuss your options early in project estimating, we will also review your options for maintaining your fence’s appearance and structural integrity. Often times, staining or paint may assist you in protecting wood surfaces from weathering, but as with any exterior structure, periodic inspection of moving parts, hardware  and surface treatments can make your investment a lasting one.

For gates, landscape elements or perimeter fences, electric openers, pet deterrents and lighting may be a solid enhancement to your design. We design, install and maintain fencing options, and will provide you with the best-possible options for your budget.

When you’re beginning the process, we always suggest you take a picture of a design element or option you like, and inquire in the early part of our estimation phase. Sometimes, knowing ahead of time just which additions are desired can make them less expensive to accommodate in your project design. It’s our goal to make (and keep) you happy, so we’ll explore all the extras and savings possible for your project.

Here are a few of the options and services we can provide for your project:

  • Electric (wired) Gate Openers
  • Electric (solar) Gate Openers
  • Low-Voltage Fence Accent Lighting
  • Electric Accent and Security Lighting
  • Property Security Sensors and Access Panels
  • Retaining Wall Drainage and Structural Inspections & Repairs
  • Wood Materials (fences, decks, patio elements) Surface Repair and Refinishing

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