How to Buy the Right Fence

When you’re buying a fence, deciding on what type of fence is best can be a chore. Is it for security? Enclosing a pool (or pet)? Defining a landscape or making a statement?

Materials (wood, aluminum, vinyl, aluminum), design (see some examples here), timing and budget all play a role in making your home or business safer and your property more aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately at Texas Rock & Fence, we know exactly how to take the guesswork out of the process.

Beginning With The End in Mind
When we sit down with customers after they request a quote online, we like to ask them to describe exactly how they envision their property looking after the installation. Using as many descriptive terms as possible, it is a really good idea to spell out not only how it will look, but how it will add to your lawn area, how it will protect your privacy, or how it will keep your pets (or kiddos) home and safe.

“We find that if someone really takes a minute to describe their vision for what it should look like and how it should function, they are then able to make better decisions on types of materials, designs, heights, gates and hardware,” says Sales Director Charlie Miller.

“Then formulating a budget is easier too, because we can spell out where the expense will be and whether or not the dream matches the budget in an honest and open discussion,” he added.

Deadlines, Demolition, Property Prep & Payments
The best thing that can happen is delivering a project without a surprise according to President & CEO, Jim Smith.

“No surprise is a good one in this industry, which is why we work so hard to make everything crystal clear from day one,” Says Smith. “You need to know when we’ll be there, what’s going to happen when, and when we intend to be done. Those are keys to a successful project and we like to think we’re a lot better at anticipating how it will go, and advising the customer ahead of time.”

Whether you're requesting a quote or finishing a project, you'll see a lot of our trucks and people during the process. Customer service means a lot at TR&F.

Items like tearing down old fencing, disposing of materials, ground preparation and hours on-site are all spelled out before work begins. And regular updates are provided throughout the process. Written estimates also spell out the materials to be used, the fence, wall or landscaping design and when payments will be due. Again, says Smith “Avoiding surprises.”

Honesty, Integrity and Expertise
When the little things matter, you’ll want to approach any fencing or landscape-design project with a partner you can trust. With over 30 years of construction experience right here in Dallas and Forth Worth, the folks at Texas Rock & Fence believe the barriers to buying a great fence aren’t barriers at all – they’re more like details – and that no good company will stand in the way of your successful project.

Contact us today for a free written estimate, and let TR&F be your home improvement partner.

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