What to Do With Old Fences

Texas Rock and Fence regularly estimates home-improvement projects that require that old fence materials be removed from premises. Often the wood is rotted or broken, or paint is peeling or stain has withered away to nothing.

Unfortunately, although we make efforts to recycle fence materials, much of it ends up at the City of Grand Prairie landfill. No one locally has developed a process for shredding the wood fence boards and posts, and much of the materials may still have residual stain (NOT soy-based stains for sure!) paint or treatments that do not make it suitable for adding to compost heaps or gardens. Dangerous fumes can be emitted if the old boards are burned so fire pit use is also discouraged.

Here are some tips we share with homeowners replacing a fence:

Use old fence materials as smaller yard barriers. If we discuss it ahead of time, Texas Rock and Fence craftsmen can cut old materials to half-height or specified dimensions to be re-installed in rustic garden perimeters, as well as trash or pool equipment shields.

Old boards make good art. We know of a few local artists that use the weathered boards for picture frames, and in western-motif sculptures or installations. Our artwork is mainly confined to making your landscape beautiful with a wood, metal or stone fence, so we are not experts. We just know some folks are very creative, and you can be too.

Compost Piles need perimeter boards. If you are one of many eco-freindly customers, you know that composting is becoming more and more popular as folks look to reduce their impact on landfills. With a little advance notice, we will include in your FREE estimate, a nominal fee for cutting old materials to your dimensions. Or, we will happily move and stack old fence materials on your site for later use.

Non-Garden Areas Sometimes Need Mulch. Remember, much of this old wood has been treated, so it is not suitable for mulch in garden areas. However, if a barrier is laid down first, boards wood fence rendered in a chipper-shredder can be used for walking surfaces and paths. This step also requires that boards be stripped of all metal fence hardware and nails, so if you wish to recycle your fence this way, we will estimate this process separately.

There’s always a market for used building materials. One trip to Craigslist.org will show you a “treasure trove” of used items for sale. Among these are fence boards, metal fence remnant and used stone materials. You ca easily add your old fence to the online sales arena, and hope for the best. We have seen people buying materials here but cannot vouch for the timeframe or price your old fence boards or metal will fetch.

These are just a few of the possibilities for repurposing your wood fence materials. Next we will discuss recycling old metal fence and rock wall materials for our Dallas / Fort Worth area customers.





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