What is a 24-Hour Estimate?

We’ve had several folks ask us about the value of a 24-hour estimate.

The name along doesn’t say much, but the process itself saves our customers time, money and headaches. All good things, especially when you’re taking on a home improvement project the scope of a fence, wall or gate. A lot of construction to be done, often in conjunction with demolition of old fences, walls or gates, so the numbers had better be right.

TR&F’s Jim Smith described some of the process recently for YouTube, but suffice it to say there are many facets to doing the job well, and even more to completing it without one party or another having questions, issues or even disappointments. The good news? We address every project portion, from a materials (wood, rock, nuts, bolts, nails, posts, fixtures, fasteners, stains and concrete) to landscape specifics, to the make-up of each work crew. You get a type-written estimate with a full disclosure of what we intend to do for you which also outlines when it will all be done.

We aren’t slick salesmen who will bloat a bid in hopes of making a profit after haggling. We deliver a fair and accurate accounting of what it will take to do your fence project right, the first time. You get a great review that makes sense and held you understand the project better. You can also compare estimates more easily once you see what we’re outlining for your job.

It is also very easy to get the process started. Click on the FAST FREE QUOTES link on our web site home page and start your process today!


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