The Art of Craftsmanship

The Art of Craftsmanship

Commission your own landscape beauty today.

When you work with Texas Rock & Fence, you gain the expertise of master craftsmen whose many years of fence, wall & landscape design combine to bring you not just function but a pleasing aesthetic that will add value and panache to your home or business.

Whether it’s rich wood finishes, stone wallslandscape elements, or metal perimeters, Jim Smith’s on-site teams possess the savvy to make your plans into a thing of beauty.

“Most folks don’t think of fences as art, but  when you see a thoughtful design become an installation, you see wood, stone, earth and metal combine to make a landscape really eye-catching.” Says CEO and President, Jim Smith.

“We make it our business to create a kind of functional art that lasts for years to come.”

Real estate professionals agree, that the right fencing can complement a home’s architecture, and create additional value.

“We see it every day,” says Lois Jockers, a RE/MAX realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth mid-cities area. “If two homes are compared, and one has a beautiful fence design, it is more welcoming, and it tells buyers that the homeowner cares for their home. That attention to detail means bigger value, definitely.”


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